Laser Hair Removal in Denver and Central Colorado

At Gleam Laser Hair Removal, our top priority is giving our clients the smooth, hair-free skin you desire with as little pain as possible in as brief a time period as possible. We understand your time is valuable, and that you want hair removal so you can avoid painful weekly or monthly waxing, irritating shaving, and other methods that not only do not get rid of unwanted hair, but require time and effort. Tweezing, trimming, using cream products in the shower - all of these are tedious tasks most women (and some men) would rather avoid. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments are another method used for years to remove excess/unwanted hair, however this process is controversial and thought by many not to be as effective as claimed.

Chemical peels, facial peels, glycolic peels, and other skin peels work to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, however are not effective for hair removal. As a trusted laser hair removal clinic in central Colorado, our technicians are dedicated to using methods that are truly effective; you will enjoy the experience of FDA state of the art technology. We understand that clients desire safe laser hair removal that does not involve the use of harsh chemicals or waxes. If you are concerned about laser cost, we will be happy to inform you of typical costs which depend on factors such as the location of the body, density of hair, how much hair will be removed, etc.

People search every day for terms such as anti wrinkle treatment, anti aging treatment, glycolic peels, skin peels, IPL facials and other methods with the hope of eliminating unwanted hair and looking better. Whether on your legs, face, underarms, bikini area, arms, or even chest/arms or other areas men are often concerned about, our laser hair removal process is effective, and performed by experts who know the measures many women and men go to in an effort to rid themselves of unsightly and embarrassing hair. Contact Gleam Laser Hair Removal now at (303)507-7823 for results beyond your expectations!
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Benefits of Spray Tanning for Those Who Want a Beautiful Sun-Kissed Glow

Spray tanning is the process of having a fine mist sprayed onto your body to achieve that healthy glow most people desire during warm summer months that dictate wearing more revealing clothing. People are more concerned than ever before about the dangers of basking in the sun, or even using tanning beds to achieve that beautiful bronze skin. What about the wrinkles, loss of elasticity, brown spots, and other skin damage that can result from exposure to UV rays? With spray tanning, you can put all of your worries behind while looking like you've spent a week or two lounging on the beach in the Bahamas!

Now for the benefits of spray tanning...

How would you like to get that sun-kissed look without exposing your skin to the sun? Now you can, by simply having a fine mist of product containing DHA (dihydroxyacetone) sprayed all over your body. This is an ingredient that interacts with your skin's chemistry to give it a healthy, natural glow.

Spray tanning gives you a natural color - no orange cast, no streaks or missed spots that often occur with sunless products you apply yourself.

Quick drying, you won't have stained clothes or have to worry about running around practically naked in your home while waiting for it to dry, like is the case with many creams that require 10 or 15 minutes of drying time.

It's such a simple process. All you do is go into the salon, your technician will take care of the rest!

Spray tanning provides a long-lasting tan, usually 7 to 10 days. Gradually fades without looking splotchy.

Why put your beautiful skin in danger or mess with creams and gels that take a lot of effort? Spray tanning is THE way to go today for those who want a natural looking tan that's 100% safe - even for those with lily-white complexions.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Offers Superior Results to Other Methods

From waxing and shaving to tweezing and depilatory creams, people have used many methods in their efforts to completely remove hair. While the above methods don't provide hair removal and can be messy, painful, or simply a hassle, Diode laser offers superior results, and is the most trusted method used by professionals today.

Over the decades there have been all types of devices and concepts designed to rid the body of unwanted hair from electrolysis to sugaring and some do-it-yourself devices advertised on television we won’t mention here, but that have received bad reviews by users. You may have heard of IPL devices for removal of unwanted hair. Studies have shown that the Diode laser is much more effective than IPL which is not a laser. Participants in this study have admitted that their results were much better with the Diode laser. Many stated that the IPL was more painful and produced more side effect than hair removal using the Diode laser, a more pleasant, pain-free experience.

From the Nd:YAG laser to the Ruby and Alexandrite lasers, there are many options available for those desiring hair removal today - the question is, which type is most effective and offers results? The Diode is one of the newest, most innovative lasers used today and unlike other lasers, incorporates longer wavelengths. What does this mean for you? A longer wavelength penetrates deeper into the hair follicle for exceptional results, while at the same time reducing the risk of skin damage.

After reading all this, what method of hair removal should you go with for smooth, flawless skin? The Diode laser, of course! When you can enjoy hair removal without harmful side effects or pain, why would you do anything else?

Laser Hair Removal - How the 810 Diode Laser Works

Unlike some laser hair removal methods, the 810 Diode Laser is effective for a variety of skin colors. In the past, many lasers were most effective on those of a certain skin pigment. Now, even those who were not previously good candidates for this method of removing hair can now enjoy great results.

What does 810 Diode actually mean? Essentially, the number refers to the wavelength at which the device is set. Although laser hair removal is a fairly generic phrase when searched for on the Internet, not all work at the same depth, nor are they all effective for people with different hair and skin pigments. This is what sets this particular process apart from the rest. Regardless of skin and hair pigmentation, the 810 Diode is super effective for eliminating unwanted hair whether on the face, bikini area, legs, underarms, arms, back, or other areas of the body.

Regardless of your skin type or color, it's likely this process of hair removal will prove effective; in fact, the FDA has approved this method for use throughout the year, so clients can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin whether during summer months or any other time of year.

In the past, laser hair removal methods seemed to work best for those with light to medium pigmented skin. Now, the 810 Diode has made it possible for clients with darker skin such as Latinos to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

When using this method, the duration of time required to achieve the desired result depends on the skin type and color. Ultimately, the device has evolved to a point where today, it is possible to use pre-set parameters to achieve the results your want depending on your unique skin type and color.

Clients enjoy the fact that there is little to no preparation required, and that each session takes only about 15 minutes to an hour depending on the area/amount of hair involved. If you're considering laser hair removal using the 810 Diode laser, for the best results it's important to avoid waxing or shaving for about one month prior to your appointment. In addition, the best results will be achieved by avoiding sunless tanning products and tanning in the sun during this time.

Is maintaining smooth skin easy? Absolutely. In most cases, once the desire result is obtained clients only need to have maintenance treatments performed every few months.

Daily shaving is a chore; waxing is painful. If you're looking for a proven method of hair removal that allows you to enjoy smooth, flawless skin for months, consider laser hair removal using the 810 Diode laser.

*Individual results vary. Best results promoted by a healthy lifestyle. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome.